Abdul, a smiling, curly-haired young black man wearing black eyeglasses in a navy blue suit and tie.
Abdul Osmanu for Hamden Town Council, b and d in Abdul are formed by glasses that create the logo.

A Clear Vision for the 3rd District

About Abdul

Abdul Osmanu is a 19-year-old running to represent the 3rd District of Hamden on the Hamden Legislative Council. 

A graduate of Hamden Public Schools and long-time organizer on many of Connecticut and Hamden’s most progressive, paradigm-shifting Democratic campaigns in the last four years, Abdul has had the opportunity to view and dedicate himself to the issues as a product of his community, volunteer, organizer, and leader.

This has given Abdul first-hand experience on the importance of community outreach and organizing to tackling the problems that have plagued Southern Hamden for decades.

Abdul, a young black male with dark, curly hair chants on a megaphone at an police violence protest
Abdul, a young black male with dark, curly hair and a blue cloth mask stands at a protest

Like many residents of the 3rd District, Abdul believes that we are a town that has begun to and continues to exhibit needs that are much akin to the needs of a city, meaning that the needs of our residents, in addition to what our residents look like, are changing.

With such changes in needs and demographics comes the need to run the town drastically differently. With such a short but manageable window of opportunity to turn the town around, we need leaders that show they are committed to the community with honesty, inclusivity, and transparency.

Equipped with fresh ideas and a track record of rising to the occasion when goals need to be met, Abdul has the exuberance and experience needed to move Hamden towards a

brighter, relentlessly equitable future

at a time where it is desperately needed.

Abdul, a young black male with a shaved head speaks at a forum
  • Economic development that provides opportunity to community members rather than private developers and resists gentrification

  • Greater fiscal transparency and accountability that assures equity, fairness and accountability

  • Expanding the capabilities of community/wraparound services through protecting (and increasing where possible) funding

  • Prioritizing the renovation of the Keefe Community Center

  • Looking into regionalizing services as a means of saving them from being cut and improving their quality

  • Investments in necessary and long overdue infrastructure repairs and improvements (via a capital budget)

  • Integrating storm resilient infrastructure into our existing infrastructure

  • Prioritizing equity in where and what we are bonding money out for 

  • Data-driven, holistic approaches to public safety that center community members

  • Long term planning of our budget and plans to curb climate change

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I'm running for Hamden town government on the JAM slate with Justin Farmer and Mariam Khan who are running respectively to be Legislative Councillors for the 5th District and for Board of Education.

Check out their websites below!

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